Operation Barnacle

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The following post contains information from The South African Chemical and Biological Warefare Program: An Overview, by Chandré Gould and Peter I. Folb.

While many details about Project Coast have not been made publicly available, one particular covert operation that has been partially documented is Operation Barnacle.

Operation Barnacle was established in the early 1980’s and involved members of the South African Defence Force and former Rhodesian security forces. The primary goal of Operation Barnacle was to eliminate the enemies of the Apartheid Government.

A number of these covert assassinations were carried out by utilising a variety of toxins and chemicals developed by Wouter Basson and other Apartheid scientists.

The majority of victims targeted by Operation Barnacle  were members of the South West African People’s Organization (SWAPO) in Namibia. It is estimated that the number of deaths of prisoners of war and those who were considered “security risks” were well into the hundreds.

Johan Theron, who testified at Wouter Basson’s criminal trial, said that he was ordered to inject his victims with overdoses of muscle relaxants tuberine and scoline. This caused death by suffocation. All bodies were disposed of by throwing them out of aircraft into the sea.

Other victims of Operation Barnacle included members of the ANC, members of the United Democratic Front, individuals in the South African Council of Churches and its associated organizations and even  members of the SADF who threatened to reveal the workings of the Apartheid Government.

Operation Barnacle was just one of the many covert operations initiated by the Apartheid Government under Project Coast. But how many similar operations were there? How many deaths were the Apartheid Government responsible for? And what other atrocities did they commit.

We might never know.

  1. olympus414 says:

    How did everybody discover they actually stopped? Can we consider their actions as of the past and thank God, no more anti-apartheid sinners walking around in South Africa and getting these tirade attacks for their sins? Is South Africa therefore a safe place now for anti-apartheid oriented/minded people? Is it totally safe now? This type of things that once happened, what made people who once did all this, suddenly change their minds, but as yet, nobody really heard from people like FWcde Klerk, but apartheid was wrong. Why not? How safe from these type of harassments and their initiators, are we? Apartheid has as yet not been declared wrong by the men who implemented these crimes. At least we have that they declared these actions crimes. But I can now understand why so many are still seeking apartheid to be declared as wrong.

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