Muti Murders and Flesh Eaters in South Africa

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Many South Africans have been known to consult with witchdoctors or traditional healers who make “muti”, a traditional form of African medicine. And while muti is usually made from a combination of different roots and herbs, the number or gruesome cases of “muti murders”, where people are killed and their body parts harvested for ingredients for muti, are on the increase.

According to an article published by News24, there is a deep-founded cultural belief that body parts make the medicine more effective and that it can solve any problem, from poverty to health issues.

There is also another belief that muti is more powerful when the body parts come from live victims. These body parts are usually sourced through third parties, who are tasked with finding the items required by witchdoctors.

I found an account given by a man who found the dismembered body of his mother. The mother had her throat cut, her breasts, womb and clitoris removed, as well as her eyes, and tongue taken. According to the man, the killer was paid R30 000 to perform this heinous deed.

According to local beliefs, different body parts symbolize different things. For example, breasts signify good fortune, an Adam’s apple is used to silence people, eyes are taken to improve vision and skulls provide protection to those who bury them.

Muti murders are shrouded by a code of silence, where people are fearful of speaking out, allowing the practice to continue with little or no consequence for the perpetrators.

Muti Murders in South Africa has led to the creation of an illicit black market for human body parts. In 2006, police raided a beauty salon that was found to have human body parts inside its walls. >

Stranger still was a comment made by the then Minister of Safety and Security at the time, Charles Nqakula, who stated that cannibalism is not a crime under SA law.

How does the practice of muti murders affect the value of human life? Why don’t we have laws that make it illegal to consume human flesh. After cases such as that of the cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer in the United States of America, would it not be advisable to begin considering amendments to the law for this sick crime?

There have been numerous diseases caused by the consumption of human flesh among cannibals. Is this something we really need to deal with in South Africa?

  1. sick says:

    i think if you start eating human flesh you never stop. you develop a taste for it and then a craving. like you know when you REALLY want a steak – but worse because it’s your own genetic make-up and you start to need the flesh.

  2. it's happening near you says:

    check out this SABC report on muti murders and cannibals

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