State of Emergency?

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Here is a quick update about the Acid Water Crisis that rocked Joburg last week.

Jaco Mulder, the Freedom Front Plus spokesperson on water and environmental affairs, says that Joburg’s acid water crisis should be treated as a state of emergency.

According to an article published by News24, Mulder stated that the true extent of the crisis was greater than the attention it was being given, despite welcoming the fact that the Department of Water and Environmental Affairs has started to take legal action against certain mining companies.

Mulder predicted that without the proper communication and cooperation between local, provincial and national governments, the current situation could quickly transform into a “national water disaster”.

Is the government doing enough to address the crisis? Personally, I think they should be doing more to protect the millions of people that will ultimately be affected by the acid water across South Africa.

I’ll bring you more details about the crisis as soon as I find them.

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